About Us

The Innovative Private Sector Development Project, is a Ministry of National Economy project for the Palestinian Authority, funded by the World Bank for a total of US $22 million in the first phase (2019-2023), and jointly funded by the World Bank and the European Union for a total of US $14.5 million (starting in the last quarter of 2023-2028) as part of a second phase of the project. 

IPSD is implemented by DAI as the Project Implementing Agency (PIA).  

The project aims to improve economic opportunities for individuals and firms in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, through the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and expansion of technologically enabled innovative businesses.


  • Improve linkages with international markets
  • Provide access to advanced ecosystems
  • Develop a dynamic finance ecosystem
  • Reform business environment
  • Ensure continuity of services
Implementation Instrument
  • Finance & Investment
    Finance & Investment
  • Market Access
    Market Access
  • Workforce Development
    Workforce Development
  • Entrepreneurship and Emerging Technologies
    Entrepreneurship and Emerging Technologies