Business Registry Automation

IPSD has the overarching objective of creating conditions that incentivize the private sector and simultaneously mitigate the risks faced while investing in a fragile and uncertain environment.


The main objective of this ongoing reform is to:

Develop an automated business registration system, which allows collection, storage and processing of information on legal entities nationwide; to provide data from the Business Registry to relevant government agencies and to the public.

Two main functions of the register need to be distinguished:

  • Registration of businesses.
  • Provision of trustworthy data on businesses.


The modern business registration portal should work as a facilitator to the whole business registration ecosystem. It is important to create a full cycle of technology driven integrated services for businesses to facilitate “the investor journey”.

Creating an on-line automated business registration system will support the Ministry of National Economy (MoNE) in strengthening its competitiveness and enhance service provision to the public. In doing so, the Automated Business Registry System (ABRS) will empower MoNE to implement the new law, reduce bureaucracy, and enhance both the transparency and the investment climate in Palestine. 

The new Company’s Law was published at the end of 2021 and became effective in April 2022. It introduced a complete overhaul of the previous burdensome and inefficient company registration regime in Palestine

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