NEXUS Program

NEXUS Program

Thank you for your interest in the NEXUS program.

Program Paused

Due to the overwhelming number of applications, IPSD is pausing all applications for the Co-Investment grant, the IGNITE program, and Nexus grant program. The World Bank, working with the EU and other donors, has agreed to provide additional financing for an IPSD 2 project. It is estimated that the applications for these programs shall re-open in the last quarter of 2023.

The NEXUS Program intends to alleviate some of the market failures by supporting Palestinian startups and innovative SMEs through cost-sharing grants to bridge gaps in accessing new markets and expanding in existing ones. The NEXUS program will be open to applicants on a rolling basis, where potential beneficiaries can apply for support to grow and expand in regional and international markets. 


Grant Details

NEXUS Grants are available for innovative, technology-driven, technology-enabled, and high impact firms and startups across a range of sectors. Grant approvals will be awarded to eligible startups and SMEs that can prove high potential of penetrating regional/international markets in the next three to six months; potential for regional scalability; and high growth potential in terms of revenues, employees, product/market expansion, and/or investment. Eligible firms may receive financial assistance up to USD 30,000 per firm through cost-sharing grants. Grant funding level will be up to 80 percent of eligible expenditures, based on the type of activity and potential linkage opportunity. Women owned/managed businesses will be eligible for funding level of up to 90 percent of eligible expenditures.

Eligibility Criteria:

Each company applying to the NEXUS program must meet all the following eligibility criteria to be considered for further evaluation:

  • Be a tech/tech enabled company legally registered with the MoNE and operating out of the West Bank and/or Gaza 
  • Be operational for at least 3 months prior to applying to the program,
  • Annual revenues for previous years not exceeding US$ 5,000,000,
  • The proposed funded activities’ environmental impacts are minimum or non-existent.

Selection Criteria

After potential Beneficiaries pass the initial eligibility criteria, an evaluation of their application against the selection criteria will be conducted to determine whether they are admitted to or rejected from the program. Eligible applicants must meet and demonstrate the following requirements to be considered for grant funding:

  • A well-defined and plausible innovation vis-a-vis its technology or business model that could do what is claimed (refer to definition below of “innovation-based” on the “Oslo Manual”, 3rd edition, 2005).
  • A demonstrated viable and scalable business model, with a well-defined and plausible market and customer base (including having a defensible competitive advantage and/or market differentiator).
  • A startup or innovative SME must have a Minimal Viable Product with initial validated customer traction and/or generating revenue.
  • Management team credentials: demonstrated leadership and management experience; demonstrated level of expertise relevant to the markets and technologies being pursued; clear roles and responsibilities for the team.  
  • The startup or innovative SME clearly displays intent to reach new market(s) including by having potential leads, partnerships, or closed deals in other markets.


Make sure to check the NEXUS program’s overview and FAQs for additional information.