Covid-19 Relief Program 2021

Closed Program 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent business challenges that it has caused both locally and globally, IPSD and TechStart launched a support program to address the need to provide financial and technical assistance to affected IT services firms, startups and innovative SMEs. 

Therefore, to ensure broad outreach and impact within the tech sector and the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, both projects welcomed both Palestinian IT companies (that provide: a) software development b) computer programming c) consultancy d) data processing e) hosting or related activities f) a high-tech enabled startup and (2) startups and SMEs (that: (a) possess an innovation-driven business model; (b) are technology-enabled businesses; and/or (c) have a technology-based product; (regardless of their sector) to apply for the COVID-19 Relief Program.


              A total 64 grants were awarded (47 IPSD & 17 TechStart), with a total amount of $ 1,8 million.