Gaza Tech & Innovation Recovery Program

Closed Program 

The Ministry of National Economy through its Innovative Private Sector Development Project (IPSD) and The Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology through its Palestine Technology for Youth and Jobs Project (TechStart) formed a joint program '' Gaza Tech and Innovative Recovery Program'' to provide urgent financial support to Palestinian IT services and tech and tech-enabled firms that have been affected by the 2021 war on Gaza to enable them to recover from losses to their business operations and infrastructure.

In some areas of Gaza, entire buildings that housed IT Services or tech and tech-enabled companies’ offices were demolished, completely destroying the workspace and its infrastructure, including furniture, office equipment, office systems, laptops, and all other essential assets without which business cannot continue. These companies needed immediate support to replace what is lost and help them resume their business operations.

This program offered assistance in the form of in-kind grants to cover employee salaries, workspace rental, and relocation costs, in addition to replacing essential furniture, equipment, and software and hardware systems to enable a speedy resumption of operations.

           21 firms were awarded grants (15 IPSD and 6 TechStart). The 21 firms received about $1.7 million in grant support